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Admission & FAQs: Services

COVID-19 Guidelines

One of our top priorities in our space is the safety and health of our families. We've always worked extra hard to keep our space clean and sanitized for you and your families. We use a combination of disinfecting cleaners (EPA approved) throughout our space and we partner with health-conscience brands to bring you kid-safe, environmentally healthy play time.

* High touch surfaces are wiped throughout open play times *

• Toys are fully rotated and sanitized between EVERY play session *

* All play surfaces are sanitized between play sessions *

* Floors are mopped and/or steam cleaned at least one time per day *

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we're making sure to closely monitor CDC recommendations and updates. At this time, our cafes are open. We're continuing to put cleanliness as a top priority in our routines and have added additional safety measures.  

We need your help too. DO NOT bring your family to our space if any of you are feeling ill, are contagious, or are still recovering. We require all our guests to wash or sanitize their hands when entering our space. We have additional hand sanitizing pumps and sprays displayed for guest use throughout play time. We follow standard health recommendations - you should be fever-free & symptom-free (without aides) for at least 48 hours before going back into public.


Upon cafe entrance, your family will be asked a short COVID-19 screening questionnaire. You will also be asked if you confirmed healthy temperatures at home before arriving. If you were unable to check temperatures, we will check them with our no-touch thermometer.

We are wearing masks to keep you safe. We ask that you wear a mask to keep us and other guests safe. ​We require adult mask wearing in our cafe. We also require mask usage for kids over 3 years old and are STRONGLY encouraged for kids over 2 years old. Per CDC recommendations, kids under 2 years old are not recommended to wear masks.

We are limiting the amounts of guests allowed in our cafes for optimal social distancing. Due to these limited quantities of guests, we recommend purchasing play reservations in advance. Walk-ins will be welcome on a first come, first serve basis, until we hit our limited capacity. View our play schedule on our Events page »

We will continue to monitor the CDC updates. For additional information on preventative measures, visit the CDC web site at


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