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Admission & FAQs: Services

Event Guidelines : Popup Camp Summer 2020

  • The maximum number of children allowed per Popup Camp is 4 (this includes the host family). For Popup Camps for children with their caregiver, the maximum number of guests is 4 children plus 4 adult caregivers.  

  • A non-refundable reservation fee must be paid in advance to confirm and reserve Popup Camp date. 

  • We require a signed waiver for any child participating in the Popup Camp. This includes the host family and all party guests with children. The waivers need to be completed before guests begin camp. For guests without a completed waiver, the party host assumes waiver consent for said guest.

  • Popup Camp staff requires up to 30 minutes of setup time before the camp starts and up to 30 minutes of clean up time after the camp has ended. This time is reserved just for the Popup Camp staff. It is not to be included into extra camp time. If it is used an extra camp time, additional camp fees may be requested. 

  • Host parent must provide a backyard for their Popup Camp to be setup in. 

  • Popup Camps are expected to finish at the pre-arranged end time. Our Popup Camp staff will begin cleaning up at this time. If children want to continue playing, they may do so if the Popup Camp host parent allows it. However, they may not impede the Popup Camp staff from cleaning up. 

  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up their own food and drink.

  • A parent must remain at the host family's home during the Popup Camp. That parent must be accessible if needed. 

  • Popup Camp themes need to be finalized 1 week prior to the event. 

  • Little Sprouts Play Cafe retains ownership of remaining camp goods, decorations, and materials provided by Little Sprouts Play Cafe. 

  • Any misconduct occurring at the camp or among camp guests (as determined by Olive You Nanny & Little Sprouts Play Cafe staff) may be cause for immediate camp termination. In an issue of property damage, the Popup Camp host is responsible.

  • Olive You Nanny & Little Sprouts Play Cafe are not responsible for any lost or stolen items or for physical harm done to anyone while attending a Popup Camp event.

  • By submitting a Popup Camp reservation payment, the host agrees to all of Little Sprouts Play Cafe Event Guidelines. It is the camp host's obligation to inform their guests of any pertinent information regarding play, safety, and rules of the camp. The camp host also agrees to be responsible for all of their guests during the event. Any noncompliance of guests will be addressed directly with the host. 

Party Add-Ons

Most customizations require at least 3 weeks notice. All are subject to availability.

Unlimited Coffee, Tea, & Espresso Bar Beverages : $150

Balloon Garland : inquire for custom costs

Party Snacks : $5/child (includes 3 snack options)

Art Party : $12/child ($100 minimum)

Face Painting : $50/hr (10 kids painted/hr)

Extra Time : $75/half hour (based on availability)

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