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Admission & FAQs: Services

Party Guidelines

  • The maximum number of guests allowed per party must not exceed 35 (this includes the host family). A child is considered anyone 12 years old or younger.

  • For parties including decorations, we supply a formal seating for up to 12 kids. Please contact us in advance if you have questions about our capacity. We have our standard seating capacity for lesser packages.

  • A non-refundable party reservation must be paid in advance to confirm and reserve party date. The reservation payment will be applied to the total party balance. The remainder of your party balance is due at the start of your party.

  • Party reservation payments are transferable, up to 30 days before the party. 

  • The party host assumes waiver consent for all guests. You agree to that when booking your party and must be agreed to in order to host a party in any of our spaces.

  • We are a socks only facility. All guests must remove shoes and wear socks before entering our play area. If a guest forgets socks, we sell socks at the cost of $2.50/pair. This fee will be added to the party host's final party balance.

  • Party hosts are allowed up to 30 minutes of setup time before the party starts and up to 30 minutes of clean up time after the party has ended. This time is reserved just for the party host. It is not to be included into extra party time. If it is used an extra party time, additional party time fees will be applied to the party. 

  • Parties are expected to finish at the pre-arranged end time. All party guests must exit the party at or by this time. The party host is allowed to stay for pre-arranged clean up time, but must exit when that time is complete. Failure to exit at agreed-to times will incur our extra 30 minute party time fee. It is the party host's responsibility to ensure all guests (including the party host & family) meet these exit times.

  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up their own food, drink, party materials, etc. An additional fee may be charged to the host family for excessive spills, messes, or damages to our space.

  • We welcome outside food and drink to be brought into our space for private parties. Food and drink MUST be NUT-FREE and should be made in a commercial kitchen. This includes catering or grocery store purchased products. Our party countertop includes 6ft of usable food and drink space. We do not supply other areas for food and drink. We also do not have the ability to warm or cool food. Crockpots and other warming or cooling electronics are NOT allowed. You are welcome to bring in a cooler for beverages. We do not allow hard alcohol or mixers (alcoholic or not).

  • Plastic, aluminum, or paperware only. No glassware or glass bottles.

  • Food and drink MUST be enjoyed at our tables and in our party room. No food or drink is allowed in our play areas. After eating, we request that children clean their hands before playing. We can provide baby wipes for this purpose.

  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult during birthday parties and private events. Little Sprouts Play Cafe assumes no responsibility for unsupervised children attending private events.

  • Party decorations are allowed, but must be approved in advance by Little Sprouts Play Cafe. Items that need hanging must be done so with provided blue painters tape. Items hanging from the ceiling, glitter, pinatas, sparkling candles, bubbles, etc are not allowed. Contact us in advance for any questions about decorations. 

  • Little Sprouts Play Cafe retains ownership of party goods and decorations provided by Little Sprouts Play Cafe. 

  • Little Sprouts Play Cafe has a variety of entertainment partners that can be added to birthday parties and private events. Those partners should be booked through Little Sprouts Play Cafe. If you'd like to bring in your own entertainment, that needs to get approved in advance by Little Sprouts Play Cafe. Entertainment vendors are subject to their own terms and conditions.

  • Any misconduct occurring at the party or among party guests (as determined by Little Sprouts Play Cafe staff) may be cause for immediate party termination. In an issue of property damage, the party host is responsible.

  • Little Sprouts Play Cafe is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or for physical harm done to anyone while attending an event or party at our space.

  • Toys, equipment, and decor at Little Sprouts Play Cafe change regularly and without notice. 

  • By submitting a party reservation payment, the host agrees to all of Little Sprouts Play Cafe Party Guidelines. It is the party host's obligation to inform their guests of any pertinent information regarding play, safety, and usage of the space. The party host also agrees to be responsible for all of their guests during the event. Any noncompliance of guests will be addressed directly with the host. 

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