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Opportunities for Renewal this Autumn

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Fall means crisp air and back to school. It’s bittersweet.

We’re ready for the routine and structure, but not quite ready to give up the sunny, lingering, lazy days of summer.

The changing of seasons is a perfect opportunity for some renewal -- to evaluate what is working in our lives, and what we want to modify. Are there things you have been holding onto that you could let go of? Do you have opportunities on the horizon you should jump into?

Autumn is a time for a fresh start and a season of renewal. We’re sharing with you some of our favorite ways to embrace the change in season.

Update your family bucket list

You know we love a good bucket list! Now’s the time to reminisce about what fun you had all summer and list your ideas for fall.

Try some new snacks for your kids

Need some new ideas for snack time? Give these a try!

Add self-care into your day

We all know we need to practice self-care, but don’t often make time for it. Family, home, work -- we have so many responsibilities pulling us in all directions. Reinvest in yourself and work these self-care techniques into your day. See how you feel.

Give your kids’ toys a makeover

Are your kids over their toys? Do they dump them out just to play with the same two things over-and-over? We love the technique of cycling toys out of the rotation and then reintroducing them at various intervals. We’ve detailed how to make toy-cycling work in your home.

We hope you’re feeling renewed and ready to embrace sweater-weather and apple-picking.

Have these ideas left you inspired going into this fall?

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