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Admission & FAQs: Services


Here is some information to help make your visit as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, call us (414) 563-PLAY (7529) or email us at

Upon entry to our play cafe, you are required to remove your shoes. You are required to wear socks at our cafes (no bare feet). This helps keep our play areas clean for your little ones. If you forgot your socks, we have some available for purchase. 


Its true, our brewed coffee is complimentary for all guests. Creamer and sugars are provided.

We are also a food safe environment - meaning we do not allow any outside foods. In order to eat at our cafes, you will need to purchase food from our menu. This ensures a safe space for all guests. We have a variety of options for snacks and lunch available. 


Safe Play Policy / Caregiver Supervision

Play nice. We don’t allow rough play. If you notice any dangerous behavior, please alert our staff right away.

Little Sprouts Play Cafe is not a child care facility. While we love having your children explore our toys & equipment, parents and caregivers are responsible for supervising their children at all times.

Shoe-free… What does that mean?

Our space is a socks only facility. Upon entry to our play cafe, you are required to remove your shoes. We do require you to wear socks though. This helps keep our play areas clean for your little ones. If you forgot your socks, we have some available for purchase ($2.50/pair) and some available to borrow.


All party celebrations must be reserved by booking the facility as a private party. Visit our Birthday Party page for more information. In addition to offering birthday parties, our space can be rented for baby showers, family reunions, etc. 

Our Illness Policy

No sick kids! In an effort to keep our visitors safe and healthy, Little Sprouts Play Cafe LLC reserves the right to refuse admission to obviously ill children. If your child is too sick to go to school, they are too sick to come to Little Sprouts Play Cafe. We follow the same guidelines as our local schools. Your child must be symptom-free and fever-free for at least 48 hours before coming to play! 

Restrooms/Diaper Changes

Please don’t allow your child to bring any toys, books, costumes, etc into our bathrooms. Also, make sure that you and your child wash your hands before returning to the cafe or play space.

We require all diaper changes to occur in our bathrooms ONLY. Our bathrooms have changing tables and specific diaper trash receptacles. If you need any diaper changing supplies, ask our staff! We try to keep extra diaper supplies on hand for when they may be needed.

Food/Dining Policy

We do not allow carry-in foods. To protect our guests with food sensitivities, our goal is provide a safe food environment. We offer gluten-free food options and avoid products made with nuts. However, we cannot yet guarantee that our menu items are not prepared or processed in a facility or on equipment shared with peanut or tree-nut products. Parents are responsible for selecting appropriate food and drink menu items for their child and for monitoring their child while they eat.

Keep all food and drink at our cafe tables. Food and drink should not be around the play cafe toys or play areas.

Clean Up

Clean up after yourself and your children. This simple step helps us keep our space clean and safe for future guests. If you notice a dirty toy or your child has put a toy in his/her mouth, please place that toy in our dirty toy bin. Our staff will sanitize it.

Can children 7+ come to Little Sprouts Play Cafe?

Of course! However, in order to keep our play areas safe for our smallest visitors, we ask children 7 years old and older to play very gently with our younger guests. Children over 7 years old are charged a discounted admission.

Is there parking at Little Sprouts Play Cafe?

Yes! We have parking lots at both Shorewood and Mequon. In addition to the parking lot right outside our front door, there is also plenty of street parking at Shorewood.

Can I drop in to play?

Yes, you can. We also allow online reservations. 


Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis until we meet our limited capacity. We release additional play tickets are guests leave our cafe and we've had a chance to refresh the play area. If play reservations are full first thing in the morning, we often have additional room for guests around 10:30a and 12p each day.

You are welcome to call our cafes anytime to check for walk-in room. 
Shorewood : (414) 563-7529
Mequon : (262) 518-0122 

Admission & FAQs: FAQ

What are your health guidelines?

One of our top priorities in our space is the safety and health of our families. We use a combination of disinfecting cleaners (EPA approved) throughout our space and we partner with health-conscience brands to bring you kid-safe, environmentally healthy play time. A few of our big guidelines include : 

* High touch surfaces are wiped throughout open play times *

• Toys are rotated and sanitized daily *

* All play surfaces are sanitized between use/play sessions *

* Floors are mopped and/or steam cleaned at least one time per day *

* Airflow is pulled and exited directly to the outdoors *

* Air purifiers are used at our cafes *

That means no gossip… no judgement. Our main goal is to foster an encouraging environment when kids and parents can connect. If there is a situation that needs addressing, please involve our staff members to intervene. We’re here to help support all of our families.

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